wooly aphid or mealy bug

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    These little critters move through all my plants

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    Dean Wiegert

    I would guess this is Aphis of some sort.  But I am no authority. Have you correctly ID’d it since this post?

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    Jane Guild

    They’re mealy bugs, ID’d from internet photos.

    This is a Mealy Bug

    Mealy Bug

    This is a Wooly Aphid (which I find curiously cute!)


    Alcohol seems to be the answer for either…

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    Dean Wiegert

    Thanks for the confirmation.  And yes, I see the appeal of the aphid when it is magnified.  Like a little fairy.  Too bad they are so damn destructive.

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    Rhondda Porter

    Wooly aphids or root aphids both respond to alcohol.  I regularly use a 50/50 solution as a root wash when transplanting and as a soil drench on established plants.  Plants don’t seem to mind the alcohol treatment.


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      Dean Wiegert

      Do you do this every time you repot and on a regular basis with established plants as a preventative?  Or do you do this only when you have identified a problem?

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    Rhondda Porter

    I usually spray the bare roots of divisions and transplants with alcohol, as root aphids are my main pest problem.  Some  Primula seem to be able to deal with them better than others.  The only way I can keep on top of the problem is regular repotting and alcohol. If a variety keeps showing up with root aphids, it is likely to find itself becoming compost!

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