Seed Exchange Online Order Form

Orders will be filled starting in January, with donor requests honored first. Non-members may join the Society if they wish to order seeds at this time. Members do not need to log in to order seeds.

For the members-only stage, seeds are $1.00 per packet. Minimum order of 10 packets. Maximum of 20 (Donors, 30) (Minimum order is $10.00.)  If less than 10 packets, your order will be placed at the bottom of the list.

We regret that we cannot provide any refunds,  so please include substitute choices in the second table. All seeds are in limited supply, so order early to increase the chances of getting your first choices.

The surplus seed distribution (‘Lucky Dip’) is open to both members and non-members. Orders are for either 10, 20, 30 packets of surplus seeds. Members may order up to 40 packets. The cost to members is $4.00 per 10 packets. Non-members pay $8.00 per ten packets. Basically, the selection is ours, hence the name ‘Lucky Dip’.

You do not need to log in to order seeds.

A field with (*) indicates it must be completed before the order can be submitted. Please enter the seed number of your first choice of 10 seed packets:

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