APS Seed Exchange Ordering Instructions

WINTER 2021-2022 – Closed!

Please read these notes carefully before completing your order.  Non-members should join the society at this time if they wish to order seed before February 2022.

The seed list

Mail order form (PDF format)

Online order form

Donors – click here to pay online with PayPal.    Non-donors – click here to pay online with PayPal.

Note:  When ordering, enter the number of packets you are purchasing into the Quantity box, and click Add to Cart.

Please help!  Postage costs have recently increased and we are asking for your help.  Our cost for shipping has increased dramatically for Canadian and International orders.  Canadian orders will now cost us $10 to mail out, and overseas orders will cost between $13.75 and $14.25, depending on the country. 
Please consider adding a donation on the first checkout page to help us cover this added cost. Thank you for your continued support of the Seed Exchange and the APS!  


A: MAIN DISTRIBUTION:  Note that you must be a member to participate in this first stage of the seed exchange.  A second stage (‘Lucky Dip’) will start sometime in February, depending on the demand in the first stage.  It will be open to all, both members and non-members, though choice will be more limited.

Orders will be filled starting in January, with donor requests honored first.  Apart from donor orders, the system is “first come, first served”, so please order early to avoid disappointment.



1- Click here to obtain the order form (pdf version). If you have trouble opening this file, download Acrobat Reader from the internet (free).  Alternatively, click here to obtain the non-pdf version. To describe your selections, enter the catalogue numbers from the seed list in the table in the order form. If you have any other problem downloading the order form, please contact the webmaster.

Make entries in strict numerical order, from left to right.  Underline or mark in red the entries which interest you most. If you wish to receive more than 1 packet of a given seed, write its number twice (in consecutive boxes), but keep in mind that doing so will not guarantee that you will receive 2 packets of that seed!  Availability and strong demand by others are deciding factors.

2- Indicate the total number of packets you want to receive: minimum 10, maximum 20 (30 for qualified donors).

3- We regret that we cannot provide refunds for any reason, so please include substitute choices in the second table.

4- Seed prices are US $1.00 (one dollar) per single packet. There is no shipping charge. These conditions now apply to both domestic and overseas members.  Make payments by personal check, money order or bank draft to the American Primrose Society. Note that we can no longer accept credit card payment by mail.  However, you can pay by VISA or Mastercard using PayPal on this website (You do not need to have a PayPal membership.).

5- Write your name and address in the required areas of the form. Please print.

6- Mail your order to: APS, c/o Amy Olmsted, 421 Birch Road, Hubbardton, VT 05733, USA.

METHOD B:  ONLINE, USING THIS WEBSITE TO SEND YOUR ORDER ELECTRONICALLY    Before going to the online order page, make a note of each item’s number in order, lowest number to highest.  Once you have submitted your electronic order, don’t forget to go to the online payment page to use Paypal to pay for your order.

Click here to go to the online order form.

Click here to pay online, using PayPal

Note:  Use the Quantity box to enter the number of packets you are purchasing, then click Add to Cart.


B: LUCKY DIP (This second stage is open to the public):  There will be a surplus seed distribution starting by the end of February.  The starting date will be announced nearer the time. It is open to both members and non-members. You can order either 10, 20, 30 or 40 packets of surplus seeds. The cost to members is $4.00 per 10 packets. Non-members pay $8:00 per ten packets. Basically, the selection is ours: hence, “Lucky Dip”. However, you may indicate your preferences by numbers or sections or other simple ways. Surplus seed orders are accepted until mid-April or until seeds are sold out, whichever comes first. Note that we cannot give partial refunds.

Click here to see the Lucky Dip Order Form (to be used sometime around February 7, 2022)