How to Donate Seed


If you have seeds from plants you enjoy growing, from your garden or collected in the wild, please share them with fellow enthusiasts by donating them to the APS seed exchange.  The deadline for donations is usually the end of October each year.

Click here for the FORM to accompany your seeds.

When donating seed


  • Be sure your thoroughly cleaned seeds from any Primula or Primulaceae are securely packaged in paper or glassine envelopes with your name and the botanical name of the species or cross on each packet.
  • One method to remove unwanted chaff from the seed is to ‘winnow’ the seed.  Place the seed in a bowl and gently blow on it.  The smaller chaff rises and blows away as it is lighter than the seed.  Larger pieces of chaff can be picked out by hand or with tweezers.  But be careful.  Start by blowing very softly first, until you find the right force.  Do all this over a white tablecloth in case you blow too hard and force some of the seed out of the bowl.  You should get the hang of this in a few moments, as it is really very easy.  Works for dry seed only, of course.
  • As few as 20 seeds of any kind are very much appreciated and up to a teaspoon is even better.
  • If the seeds have been collected in the wild please indicate the location or general area where the collection took place.
  • If the seeds result from your careful hand pollination, please tell us (write HP on the packet).
  • Seeds which leaked from a packet or seeds with poor or dubious identification cannot be distributed and will not appear in the seed list.
  • Seeds arriving past the suggested deadline may not be included in the initial seed list but may appear in subsequent versions posted on this website.


USA donors, please mail to:

Amy Olmsted421 Birch Rd.Hubbardton VT 05733UNITED STATES

International and Canadian donors, please mail to:

Pascal Vigot       1171 Seigneurie Ste-Emelie, QC       J0K 2K0      CANADA

This exchange is international.  Donations from anywhere in the world are welcome.

Primula japonica setting seed