Seed Exchange Order Form (Text)

Seed Exchange Order Form for Orders Sent through the Mail      

To access the Seed List, you can either visit  or contact Amy Olmsted for a copy.

When ordering seeds from this year’s exchange, make sure to write the corresponding numbers in the boxes provided.

Current members of The American Primrose Society can print and complete the form and mail it with payment to:

American Primrose Society, c/o Amy Olmsted   421 Birch Road  Hubbardton VT 05733

The price for seeds are $1.00 per packet.  There is a minimum order of 10 packets. Maximum of 20. (donors may request 30). Please write checks or money orders (US funds) payable to ‘American Primrose Society.’   Orders of less than 10 packets will be placed at the bottom of the order list.

There is a fixed postage fee of $4.00.  Orders should be mailed no later than January 30th.

 If you are not a member of the Society, you can join by visiting the website; and for details on how to order seeds.

Donor requests will be fulfilled first starting in January, and orders with less than 10 packets will be placed at the bottom of the list. Unfortunately, refunds are not available, so please include alternative choices in the second table below. As supplies are limited, it’s highly recommended to order early to increase the chances of receiving your top choices.


APS Member Name _______________________________________  

FIRST CHOICE SELECTIONS: Please list choices using clearly printed numbers from the current seed list in order, left to right, top to bottom. Donors may also use the boxes with a ‘D’.


_____ Number of packets order x $1.00 each = $ __________ + $4.00 postage fee = $_____________

Please enclose your check ($US account) or an International Postal Money Order ($US) with your request.

SUBSTITUTIONS: If your choice is sold out, we will try to provide similar substitutions from available seeds.      





















In case we need to contact you about your order: Name_________________________________________

Phone #________________________________Email___________________________________________

 Please print your NAME and ADDRESS below (This will be the mailing label for your seeds):