The Quarterly Archives

These archives are a work in progress.  It takes some time to scan each issue to PDF file.  As each volume is completed it will be posted to these records for your enjoyment.  

The earliest journals were typed on poor quality paper in wartime but nevertheless contain valuable information on Primula.  Unfortunately, the set that was used for scanning was originally hole-punched for storage.

Species Index for Volumes 1 to 34 issue 2  (text version)  (PDF version)

VOLUMES 1-10 (1943-1953 part)

VOLUMES 11-20 (1953 part -1962)

VOLUMES 21-30 (1963-1972)

VOLUMES 31-40 (1973-1982)

VOLUMES 41-50 (1983-1992)

VOLUMES 51-60 (1993-2002)

VOLUMES 61-70 (2003-2012)

VOLUMES 71-80 (2013-the present )


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