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PLEASE NOTE: This list is not yet complete.  Although the contents of issues from 1980 through 2005 have not yet been listed, many of these issues are available.

Table of Contents

Vol.1, No.1,2,3 & 4 and Vol.2, No.1 & 2 are no longer available.
Vol.2, No.3; January 1945. No longer available.
Vol.2,No.4: April 1945; Yearbook. “A Goode Flowre: The Primrose”, part 1(Primroses figuring in early prints and plates)Sgt.Samuel French Morse; The Chemistry of the Farina Produced by Certain Primulas(WB); A Few Companionate Plantings for Primulas,J.G.Bacher; The Preparation of Herbarium Specimens(CS); P. angustifolia; Seeding and Summer Care of Primroses,Mrs.P.H.McClelland; Primula Reports from Quebec, Nova Scotia and Maryland; Hot Water Method for Quick Germination of Seeds; The Landing of the Primrose; Reports of Officers; Membership Roster.
Vol.3,No.1: July 1945. “A Good Flowre: The Primrose”, part 2 (The Golden Age of Prints and Engravings); Hunting for Primulas with Capt.F.Kingdon Ward, part 1 (CML); Understanding the Asiatics (Climatic conditions and elevations of Asiatic Primulas as guide to successful garden culture)(FLB); Tips on Summer Seeding; P.aurantiaca; Reviews of Show.
Vol.3,No.2: October 1945. P. allioni (WB); “A Good Flowre: The Primrose”, conclusion; Hunting for Primulas with Capt.F. Kingdon Ward, conclusion; Hybridizing for Double Primroses (DO); Reports of Six Meetings.
Vol.3, No.3 & 4: January 1946 & April 1946 are no longer available.
Vol.4,No.1: July 1946. An Early Book on the Auricula, part 1(WB); Site and the Part It Plays in Plant Survival, A.H.MacAndrews; P.intercedens (An American species discovered along the northern shore of Lake Huron and through the Bruce Peninsula)(FB)&(CS); Red Spider; Growing Asiatics: Mistakes No.2 and 3,Helen Garrett; Notes on Primulas in New Hampshire(CML); The Auricula Chart of G.H.Dalrymple; Yearbook of National Auricula Society (Northern Section) of England, 1946 (Review); Review of Annual Primrose Show.
Vol.4,No.2: October 1946. An Early Book on the Auricula, conclusion (Review of M.Guenin’s treatise, 1738)(WB); Notes on Botanical Nomenclature(DO); Notes About P. allionii(CR); Experiences With the Primula in Maryland,Mrs.W.H.Haydon; Review of National Auricula Society (Northern Section) of England YearBook, 1947; Ice – A Successful Winter Mulch.
Vol.4,No.3: January 1947. No longer available.
Vol.4,No.4: April 1947; Yearbook. Notes on the Sections of the Genus Primula (Location, description, culture of the Section Auricula)(DO); Old World Primroses (Shakespearan and Double Primroses(CAH)); Notes on the Use of Polyanthus in the Landscape; Blue Primroses; Preparing Primroses for the Show; How Polyanthus Are Judged (with judging score)(FLB); It’s Our Favourite Genus, Too; Polyanthus in Northern California; Primroses At the Foot of Pikes Peak; Reports of Officers; Membership Roster.
Vol.5,No.1: July 1947.Notes on the Sections of the Genus Primula,Pt.2 (Cuneifolia, Parryi, Verticillata, and Farinosae)(DO); P. parryi(CS); Some Primulas of the Fariunosae Section; Dividing and Watering; New Control for Red Spider; Control of Strawberry Beetle and Its Larvae; A Disappointing Hunt for Primulas (CRW); Seedling Care.
Vol.5,No.2: October 1947. Notes on the Section of the Genus Primula,Pt.3 (Souliei, Denticulata, Minutissimae and Candelabra)(DO); Capt. Ward’s Impending Expedition and a Brief Sketch of Plant Hunters of the Past(FLB); List of Primulas contained in Capt. F. Kingdon Ward’s Books; Detailed Review of the Annual Spring Show.
Vol.5,No.3: January 1948. To Whom We Are Indebted (Comprehensive work by Secretary of English Auricula Society on those men responsible for the development of Show and Alpine Auriculas)(RHB); Sphagnum Propagation of Auriculas(GM); Winter Care; Old and Modern Potting Composts for Auriculas(FLB).**FEW LEFT**
Vol.5,No.4: April 1948; Yearbook. No longer available.
Vol.6,No.1: July 1948. Hunting the Southern Primulas(CRW); P.vialii; Show Reviews; Summer Seedling Care.
Vol.6,No.2: October 1948. Farrar, Ingleborough Hall, England(RHB); Primroses in Perspective; The Denticulata-Cachmeriana Merry-Go-Round(FLB); Reviewing the Julianas, Mrs. Philip Hart.
Vol.6,No.3 & 4: January 1949 & April 1949. No longer available.
Vol.7,No.1: July 1949. P. verticillata(WB); Lost in Paradise(LMH);Talc for Safety; Control of Bread Molds on Primrose Seeds, Edwin L. Bechtol; Primula Chromosome Count.
Vol.7,No.2: October 1949. Primula Manual for Newer Members(FLB); Reports on Show; A Border from One Hose-in-Hose, Edward O. Birch; SketchBook on HiH.
Vol.7,No.3: January 1950. P. cusickiana(RSB); A Symposium on P. sieboldii; Strains (LE); The Discoverer of P. Cusickiana; Questions from Members.
Vol.7,No.4: April 1950. Virus Diseases on Primroses(RMB); Sowing Primula Seed; Primula Culture in an Eastern Garden(CRW); Preservation of Primula Florets(CS); History of the Pacific Strain of Polyanthus, Frank Reinelt; Preparing Primroses for Use in Corsages; Color and Personality (LMH);Buy Seeds from a Reliable Dealer.
Vol.8,No.1:July 1950. Lindane, New Terror to Garden Pests; On Seeing Shows; Grass Clippings Mulch; Some Summer Chores(RSB); “Fame is No Plant That Grows on Mortal Soil”, Lewis Cullen; Summer Seeding.
Vol.8,No.2:October 1950. The Strange Story of the Auricula; On the Auricula By an Old Countryman; Notes from the East(DK); Primroses in Utah; Sketchbook, Jack-in-the-Green; Primroses in Manhattan, Mrs. Ernest L. Scott.
Vol.8,No.3: January 1951. Primroses in the Sun-heated Pit, Edith W. Gregg; The History of Juliana E.R. Janes; Sandwich Method of Growing the Julianas(CR); Our Favorite Flowers; Sonnet; Saluting the Primrose Club of Friday Harbor,WA; A New Book on the Auricula; Sketchbook, P.concholoba; Notes.
Vol.8,No.4: April 1951. Seven Aspects of Color(GM); Collecting Primulas in the Northwest(RMB); Experiences in Bucks Co., PA; Selecting and Forcing Plants for the Show; Primrose Growing in Toledo; Letter on Seeding.
Vol.9,No.1: July 1951. Rhodendrons and Primroses as Companion Plants, E.J. France,Jr.; On Pollinating(FLB); Primroses in British Columbia’s Dry Belt, Dr.G.F. Barton; Distribution of Valid Species of Primula, Howard W. Lynn; From Mexico to Montana (CR).
Vol.9,No.2: October 1951. Growing and Exhibiting Auriculas in My Youthful Days; Raising Auriculas in Pots(JK); Auricula Culture in Wisc., Growing Auriculas in Montana(CR); Sterilization of Small Amounts of Soil, Laura M. Sikes; Primula Testers of Men’s Garden Clubs.
Vol.9,No.3: January 1952. ‘And Make New Friends Now Strangers’, Verne Benedict; Some Ways of Conserving Moisture, Alice R.Foster; Indoor Culture of Primroses, Anna Johnson; Primroses in Colorado, Mary McGlothin; Artificial Freezing Found to Benefit Seed; Notes frm the Secretary.
Vol.9,No.4:April 1952. Primrose Adventuring on Long Island, Alida Livingston; Let’s Plant Some Primrose Seed, Charles L. Gilman; How Primroses Are Grown in Chicago, Charles F. Fabri; Presenting the New Score for Julianas(FLB); The Show Must Go On, Lewis Cullen; Letters; Reports; Roster.
Vol.10,No.1:July 1952. Tribute to Florence Levy; Our Heritage and Our Trust(JK); Primula Potpurri; Auricula Month by Month(CGH); P.nutans(IA); Spraying and Baiting Effectively; Nutrient Impregnated Moss; P.suffrutescens ad its Cultivation(WB); Show Report.
Vol.10,No.2:October 1952. No longer available.
Vol10,No.3: January 1953. No longer available.
Vol.10,No.4: April 1953. Tribute to Linda A. Eickman; Adventure With P. Cusickiana(RSB); Further Notes on Native American Primula(JK); Procedures in Pollinating; The Properties of the Show Auricula(DB); Auricula Show Points at Home and Abroad; The Auricula Month by Month(CGH); Hybridizing Gives a New Meaning to ‘Spring’; Trying for Doubles(LR); Primula Species and Synonyms; Roster; Report; Show News.
Vol.11,No.1: July 1953. Wild Swiss Primula,Aymon Correvon; Our Largest Native Primrose; P. parryi; Parryi Primulas in Scotland; Francis Kingdon Ward; The Magic of Primula,F.Kingdon-Ward; Observations of Primula Forresti(WB); Sikkimensis and Nivales Sections in Scotland; “If the Odds are Great the Triumph is Great”; P. rusbyi; Care of the Carrot; Seed Harvest; Index Sir Rowland Biffen’s ‘The Auricula’; Sphagnum Moss for Growing and Shipping Plants.
Vol.11,No.2,3 & 4: October 1953. Growing Hardy Primulas in N.J,Edward Birch.; Florence Levy, Editor Emeritus; Of Interest to Members; K.C.Corsar; General Cultural Directions,Louise Gee; Candelabras,My Floral Treasures(HA); R.H. Briggs; Germination with Bricks; Seed Exchange; Auricula Culture; Cultivation According to Classification; The Culture of Double Primroses(CAH);Growing Primroses from Seed(FLB).
Vol.12,No.1: January 1954. Pictorial Dictionary of the Cultivated Species of the Genus Primula, reprint of pages 3-18, inclusive.
Vol.12,No.2: April 1954. No longer available.
Vol.12,No.3:July 1954. No longer available.
Vol.12,No.4: October 1954. No longer available.
Vol.13,No.1: January 1955. No longer available.
Vol.13,No.2: Spring 1955;Yearbook. APS Quarterly Premier Award for Outstanding Achievement in Hybridizing; Show News; An Interview with Peter Klein; Bamford Trophy; Breeding for Doubles(CH); Candelabra Show; Constitution of the American Primrose, Primula and Auricula Society, Inc.; Flowers and Peter Klein; Story of a Flower(RC); The Most Fun So Far(CH); We “Speak Your Language” in Tacoma; Why Have Slugs and Weevils?
Vol.13,No.3: July 1955. APS Quarterly Editor Emeritus Honored; Banquet in Honor of Peter Klein; Collection and Care of Polyanthus and Vernales; F.H. Michaud, Another Link With the Old Florists; “Native Collectors” of Primulas(RC);Seasonal Notes from Barnhaven; Show News; Reports; Memoriams -G.L.Hearn; R.W.Ewell.
Vol.13,No.4: October 1955. European Column; Fluorescent LightBox(EB); Jottings from the Canadian Primula and Alpine Society(GC); Now is the Time to Start a New Compost Pile; Pink Acaulis; Plant Parasitic Nematodes; Practical Diary for Gardeners; Propagation of P. denticulata; Seasonal Notes from Barnhaven.
Vol.14,No.1:January 1956. No longer available.
Vol.14,No.2: April 1956. No longer available.
Vol.14,No.3:July 1956. Oriental Splendor for the Occidental Garden(HA); The Garden Primulas, a translation from German of Leo Jelitto’s book; Recollections of a Recent Holiday in Britain, J.Haydn Young; Captain C. Hawkes; Seasonal Notes from Barnhaven.
Vol.14,No.4: Fall 1956. A Beautiful Little Known Primula – Cusickian,Kenneth Corsar; Primroses in a City Garden(DK); Linda A. Eickman Memoriam; Petiolarid Primulas in Cultivation(DB); Pete Klein Says; P. edgeworthii; Dictionary of the Hybrid Primulas of the Auricula Section, Natives of the European Alps(JM); Seasonal Notes from Barnhaven.
Vol.15,No.1: Winter 1957. The Denna Snuffer Story(FLB); Old Irish Double Auriculas,W.F.Wynne; Auricula Growers: Listen(DB); About Growing Plants from Seeds (DK); Pete Klein Says; Essentials for a Successful Show(HD); Duties of the Show Committees; Seasonal Notes from Barnhaven.
Vol.15,No.2: Spring 1957. Yearbook.Vermont Primrose Notes(AHB); The Primrose Lady; Picnic  at Hannon Acres; Auricula ‘Lancashire Hero'(DB); P. vialii; The Case Against “Fancies”(CGH); Letter from Ontario, Canada; Pete Klein Says; First of All When Plant Hunting; Washington Wildflowers in the Primula Garden; Stem Nematodes Injury; Seasonal Notes from Barnhaven; Polyanthus as Cut Flowers; Roster.
Vol.15,No.3: Summer 1957. Primroses of Japan, Yoshiharu Matsumura; Denna Snuffer; Auricula ‘Lancashire Hero'(DB); Growing Suggestions; Show reports; Auriculas in America, John Shuman; Sir Wm. Wright Smith, Dr.H.R. Fletcher.
Vol.15,No.4: Fall 1957. Adventures with a Rock Garden; Primroses Offer Endless Charm; Peter Klein; Primroses in Southwestern Ontario; Primroses by the Mill Dam; Haysom on the Auriculas; Our British Representative; Questions & Answers; Sun-heated Pits Versus Greenhouses; Seasonal Notes from Barnhaven.
Vol.16,No.1: Winter 1958. Plant Hunter in Alaska, Miss Isobel W. Hutchinson(RC); The Petiolares Section in England(TC); Primroses in the Far North, Josephine Hanson; Peter Klein, An Appreciation(DB); Make Your Own Naturalistic Garden, Katherine S. Taylor; Letter from Vermont re: P. saxatilis(AHB); Fluorescent Lights for Seedlings(AHB); Questions & Answers; Old Auricula; Primroses in the Home Garden; Seasonal Notes from Barnhaven.
Vol.16,No.2: Spring 1958; Yearbook. My Breeding Efforts With the Genus Primula (Excerpts from George Arends “My Life as Gardener and Plant Breeder”; Test Garden to Be Established in Steilacoom; Primrose in My Garden; Choosing Auricula Varieties(JM); On Pollinating(FLB); Roster; Seasonal Notes from Barnhaven.
Vol.16,No.3:Summer 1958. The Men Who Gave Us Auriculas(RC); Memoriams: K.O. Stredicke & F. Kingdon-Ward; A New Primula Hybrid, P. x Arendsii Multiflora; P. denticulata(TC); The Hardy Cyclamens; The Julianas; Spring Comes Early in CT; Show reports; Letter from Ottawa, Ontario; Seasonal Notes from Barnhaven.
Vol.16,No.4: Fall 1958. Primroses Have a Bright New Future; Primroses in Rhode Island; The Fragrant Belled Primroses(AHB); Primroses in the Gardens of Today; The American – P. parryi(HD); Obit. Mary B. Stewart; Notes on Garryard Primroses; Thank You, Dr. Blasdale; Pedemontana Hybrid(IA); Seasonal Notes from Barnhaven;  Winter Care of the Auricula(IA).
Vol.17,No.1: Winter 1959. A Primula Manual for New Members(FLB); Growing the Species Primula(IA); An Amateur’s Backyard Methods(HD); Florist Auriculas (CH); School for Judges; P. x Pubescens(JM); Growing Primroses in PA(DK); Primroses in New England(AHB); Experiences in Germinating Primula Seed(RB).
Vol.17,No.2: Spring 1959;Yearbook. Primulas in Southern California; The Glen of Primroses; Standards of Excellence for Garden Polyanthus, Garden Auriculas and Juliae Hybrids(FLB); Primroses for the Average Garden, F.C.Puddle; Primroses in Canton, Ohio;
Vol.17,No.3: Summer 1959. Potting the Auricula(IA); Gardening Glossary, H.C. Bardes; Notes from Burnaby, BC(GC); The Story of the Earthworm, Dorothy Hewett; Notes from the East(DK);  A Primrose Show is Born, Alice Warneck; Show Reports.
Vol.17,No.4: Fall 1959. Freelancing For Flowers in Britain, Dorothy B. Marshall; Sentimental Search, Gladys Emmerson; A “Downeasterner” Visits the Northwest; Corral Pass Revisited; Timely Tips from Burnaby, BC(GC); Hybridizers Group Formed(NF); Is The Clay Pot on the Way Out?, A.H. Knowles.
Vol.18,No.1: Winter 1960. Trips Afield in New England(AHB); The Primulas of Central Asia(RC); Some European Primulas of Merit(TC); Climatic Similarity of Two Widely Separated Areas(CS); A Letter from BC in the Pacific Northwest(GC); An Early Pioneer(NF); Seasonal Notes from Barnhaven.
Vol.18,No.2: Spring 1960;Yearbook. Primroses and Spring(DK); Experiences of a Commercial Grower,Ruth Barlett; Some Notes on Tufa,Betty Jane Hayward; Classified As it Pertains to Primulas – Simplified(RB); Trips Afield in New England(AHB); Gardening Tips from Old English and Scotch Magazines, 1933-1937(NF); How I Grow My Primroses,Ann Crompton-Smith; Cowslips For Wine(RC).
Vol.18,No.3: Summer 1960. Enjoying Auriculas in Your Garden(IA); P.x arendsii,Robert Putman; The Question Box; Gardener’s Paradise Days,Hazel Keller; Scent, Color and Form(FLB); Leaf-Folding in Amethystinae Primulas(RC); A Rugged Winter(CS); Carl Linneaus,Gwendollyn M. Hawkes; The Cape Primrose,Alta Westover; People and Flowers in the News; A Comparison of The Arthritic Primulas(JM); Introducing Herbert Dickson of Dickson’s Perennial Gardens.
Vol.18,No.4: Fall 1960. How Not To Grow Primroses and Get Doubles,John Walker; More About the Cortusoides Section(DK); Strawberry Primroses or Stoloniferous Primulas(RC); Is A Good Auricula Too Costly?; Do We Need New Show Rules; A Letter from Alaska; From English Gardens To A NH Garden,Ruth Manton; The Question Box; More About P. x ardensii “Multiflora”(RL); People and Flowers in The News; Introducing Albert Funker of The Lath House.
Vol.19,No.1: Winter 1961. Primula Seeds(RC); Dr.W. Balsdale,(CG); Primroses in West Wisconsin; Primula carniolica, Subsection Brevibracteatea(AA); People and Flowers in The News; With Apologies – No Primroses(FLB); My Garden,Laura Jezik; Twixt Anther and Pistil,Wesley Bottoms; Rotted Alder For Starting Primula Seeds; Another Successful Seeding Method(BT); The Question Box; Introducing Alice Hills Baylor, Sky Hook Farm.
Vol.19,No.2: Spring 1961; Yearbook. What To Do Now – In The East (DK)& In Pacific NW(RB); Primroses in The South(CG); Primroses And Alpines Are My Hobby, Richard Langfelder; A Double Auricula Mutation,Denna Snuffer; Show reports; A Long Way Around To Foliar Feeding(SW); Primrose Arrangements,June Harp; People And Flowers In The News; Introducing Rosetta Jones of Jones Nursery.
Vol.19,No.3: Summer 1961. Double Primroses, Their Culture And Their Enemies, Winifred Wynne; What To Do Now – in the East(DK) & Pacific NW(RB); Seasonal Notes from Barnhaven(FLB); People and Flowers in The News; Show reports; Private Enterprise In Retirement, Lynn Ranger.
Vol.19,No.4: Fall 1961. Gold Laced Polyanthus and A Few Reminiscences(DB); Winter Primrose Reflections(AHB); What To Do Now – in the East(DK) & PNW(RB); The Primrose In History(CAH); My Primrose Conversion,Dr. Raymond Piper; Primroses in Salem, OR,Marie Jackson; Letters to The Editor; People And Flowers; Introducing Frank Michaud of Alpenglow Gardens, BC.
Vol.20,No.1: Winter 1962. What To Do In The Primrose Garden In The Pacific Northwest(RB); What To Do Now – In The East(DK); The Old Florists(DB); Notes From Barnhaven(FLB); The Heather Garden Never Sleeps,Frances Kinne Robertson; Growing Suggestions; Primroses and the A.P.S(HD).
Vol.20,No.2: Spring 1962; Yearbook. Primroses; Candelabra Hybrids(AA); Montana Primula of Garden Value,Frank Rose; Plant Hunting in BC’s Dry Belt(GC); Plant Associations With Primulas(AHB); Antique Gooseberry Scales at National Show; Standard Rules and Minimum Requirements for a National Primrose Show; Bygone Fanciers; Cultural Notes From The Late Peter Klein,Hazel Keller; Questions and Answers.
Vol.20,No.3: Summer 1962. Concerning Primulas (first of a series)(GD); Experiences in Breeding for Double Auriculas(RB); Show Auriculas in America,John Shuman; Naming American Grown Show Auriculas,Win Shuman; ‘Frank H. Michaud’,First American Named Auricula; Show Reports;People and Flowers.
Vol.20,No.4: Fall 1962.Exceptional English Primula(TC); Seed Exchange Notes,Elmer Baldwin; Concerning Primulas, part two(GD); Doings of An Amateur, Marie Jackson; Primroses in Iowa,Eve Dow; My Visit to the Northwest(AHB); People and Flowers; Growing Suggestions; Charcoal – Yes or No.
Vol.21,No.1: Winter 1963. A Tribute to Dan Bamford; Concerning Primulas, Chapter 2 Candelabra Section; Other Members of the Primulaceae; Golden Girl, First American Named Show Alpine Auricula; The Spell of the Auricula; My Visit to the Northwest, conclusion; People and Flowers.
Vol.21,No.2: Spring 1963. Concerning Primulas -Ch.3-Auricula Section; Notes from South Burnaby; About Fluorescent Lights; The Legend of Sieboldii;
Vol.21,No.3: Summer 1963. A Tribute to the Greatest Gardener; Tree Root Problem Solved; Concerning Primulas – Ch.4,5,6 (Denticulata, Farinosae, Cortusoides); Czechosovak Varieties of P. Malacoides Franch; Show reviews; Onondaga Garden Tour.
Vol.21,No.4: Fall 1963. Primula Acaulis “Premier”, A New Variety Since 1960; Magnolias and Primroses; In Memoriam – C.G. Hayson; Again, the “Non-irritant” Primula obconica; Propagation of Primulas, and same notes on P. denticulata; Concerning Primulas (Sikkimensis, Capitatae, Muscarioides, Soldanelloideae and Nivalis); To A Primrose.
Vol.22,No.1: Winter 1964. Notes On New Primula Acaulis Forms; Letter From The North; Primroses I Love You; Winter Weather Watching; Concerning Primulas (Bullatae & Petiolaris); Primulas and Judging; More On Primula Propagation; Show News.
Vol.22,No.2: Spring 1964; Yearbook. In Memoriam-Mrs. J.L.Karnopp; Primula Longiscapa Ledeb; A Funny Thing Happened; Auricula Species and Hybrids; P. chionantha; Concerning Primulas (American Primulas); Primroses For Fun; APS Judges 1963.
Vol.22,No.3: Summer 1964.Tribute to Nancy Ford; P. marginata; Primula Care in South Burnaby, BC; Summer Protection; P. sieboldii in Japan; Propagation of P. sieboldii from Root Cuttings; Concerning Primulas (Propagation); On Pollinating Double Auriculas; The Heavenly Keys of Mile-High Denver.
Vol.22,No.4: Fall 1964. Notes from Rhone Street; Book Review; Primula nutans; P. Juliae and her Hybrid Forms; Seed Exchange Notes; Late Primroses.
Vol.23,No.1: Winter 1965. Primrose Echoes; Primula Parryi-The Untamed; Auriculas In South Colby; Juliae Hybrids; Notes on Raising Hardy Asiatic Primulas from Seed; Duties of Show Committees; Growing Polyanthus Under Fluorescent Lights; Annual reports; Seed Exchange.
Vol.23,No.2: Spring 1965; Yearbook. Show reports; Symposium Report; Spring Arrangements; “Hang Up the Shovel and the Hoe-” (Barnhaven notes).
Vol.23,No.3: Summer 1965. Seed Exchange Notes; Show reports; P. abschasica; The Auricula; Garden Auriculas in Los Angeles; “Now Is the Time To Divide Primroses” and “Primrose Season Continues Still”; Primula spectablilis.
Vol.23,No.4: Fall 1965. An Open Letter to Florence Bellis; Apologies to Mr. Jelitto and Mr. Luscher (Primula spectabilis); Fall and Winter Care for Primula; Corrections and Additions to The Starry-Eyed Days; Primroses – From Seed to Flower; Seed Exchange Reports.
Vol.24,No.1: Winter 1966. Winter Warning; Letter From South Burnaby; Primrose Judging Score Sheet; Cultural Directions for Primula; Abschasica Additions; Some Diminutive Primulas; P. commutata; Light for Plant Growth.
Vol.24,No.2: Spring 1966; Silver Anniversary Yearbook; National and Local Show News; This Year, Enter!; Dr. Mathew Riddle; Mrs. Janet Round; Primroses in the Pacific Northwest; A Symposium on Primula Sieboldii; A Standard Excellence for Polyanthus.
Vol.24,No.3: Summer 1966. ‘Ned Happy’ Auricula; Primula Abschasica Again; Summer Seeding; Regional Planning Outline; Nutrient Sprays; Summer and Fall Care of Primulas; Show reports.
Vol.24,No.4: Fall 1966. Notes from Rhone Street; Seed Exchange Reports; Primula Symposium Reports; The Enchanting Auriculas; Seed Hunting in the North-East
Vol.25,No.1: Winter 1967. No longer available.
Vol.25,No.2: Spring 1967. No longer available.
Vol.25,No.3: Summer 1967. No longer available.
Vol.25,No.4: Fall 1967.Show News; Primroses For Eastern Gardens; Primrose Care for Northwest Gardens; Primroses of the World (Pacific Strain); Primula Symposium Reports from Czechoslovakia and Yorkshire, England; Juliae Primroses.
Vol.26,No.1: Winter 1968. No longer available
Vol.26,No.2: Spring 1968. No longer available.
Vol.26,No.3: Summer 1968. Candelabras; It Pays To Keep Good Records; Primroses Need Dividing; Primula Symposium; Primulas of the World; Double Auricula.
Vol.26,No.4: Fall 1968. Primula Hybrids Near Pontresina; Seeding and Growing Instructions for Candelabras; Primroses in the PNW; Helleborus at Penny Creek Farm; Questions and Answers; Primula Auricula and Its Hybrids.
Vol.27,No.1: Winter 1969. No longer available.
Vol.27,No.2: Spring 1969. No longer available.
Vol.27,No.3: Summer 1969. Memory Lane, Cowichan, I Love You; A Note From Pennsylvania; Summer and Fall Care of Primrose; P. rosea grandiflora; Questions and Answers; Happiness Is.
Vol.27,No.4: Fall 1969. Interesting Pictures; Fall Busy Time in Primrose Garden; The Primrose Path; Lighting the Way to Healthy Seedlings; A Real Find; Primrose Garden Notes; The Magic of Colour; My Primrose Path;Questions and Answers.
Vol.28,No.1:Winter 1970. P.kisoana; Notes from Alice Hills Baylor; Questions and Answers; Trilliums; The Naming of Plants, Part II.
Vol.28,No.2: Spring 1970. P. mistassinica; The Auricula; P. melanops; The Naming of Plants, Part III; Primula from Sakhalin and the Kurile Islands; Primroses and Spring.
Vol.28,No.3: Summer 1970. Questions and Answers; My Experience with Primrose; Preparation of Soil and How to Transplant; A Testimonial to Polyanthus and Denticulatas; Primroses and Spring; Show Reports.
Vol.28,No.4: Fall 1970. Primroses and Spring; Questions and Answers; An Experience Leading to the Problem of Vigour in Auriculas; The Australian Scene; Armchair Gardening; Botanical Tour to Kashmir; European Mount Primulas.
Vol.29,No.1: Winter 1971. P. rosea grandiflora; Notes and Poem from Skyhook Farm; P.komarovii: Section Varnales; Care of Primroses; Care of Primroses in Maryland; Hardy Primrose Care; Winter Care of Primroses in OR; Letters about Helleborus; Siberian Primrose; The Upside-Down Scree; Questions and Answers.
Vol.29,No.2: Spring 1971. No longer available.
Vol.29,No.3: Summer 1971. Some Woodland Groundcovers; Gold Laced Polyanthus; From Round Robin Members; Q & A; P. vulgaris; About Hoes and Things.
Vol.29,No.4: Fall 1971.Four Cortusas in Three States; P. Juliae Kuznetsov; Q & A; Thanks Mr. Foster; The Fascinating Candelabra; P. allionii; Primrose Need Care in the Fall; Lighting the Way to Healthy Seedlings.
Vol.30,No.1: Winter 1972. Primula, Primrose; Questions and Answers; Primula are Easy from Seed; Candelabras and Questions.
Vol.30,No.2: Spring 1972.
Vol.30,No.3: Summer 1972.
Vol.30,No.4: Fall 1972.
Vol.31,No.1: Winter 1973.
Vol.31,No.2: Spring 1973. Little Julies….Little Loves; S-O-I-L; Questions and Answers; Conservation -What is it?; Cold Weather; Primulas in Arrangement.
Vol.31,No.3: Summer 1973. Down the Primrose Path; P.cawdoriana, Mulches; From Twelve Little Plants; Q & A; Enemy Number One; Garryard Primroses.
Vol.31, No.4: Fall 1973. P.saxalitis; Down the Primrose Path; Garryarde Revisited; Travelling Companions; Compost; Confusion in Europe; Q & A.
Vol.32,No.1: Winter 1974. No longer available.
Vol.32,No.2: Spring 1974. Down the Primrose Path; A Tribute to Floyd Keller; Primula Chromosome Count; Seven Aspects of Colour; R. rubra; Q & A; Transplanting the Difficult; P. amoena; The Strange Story of the Auricula.
Vol.32,No.3: Summer 1974. Down the Primrose Path; Q & A; News from Shows; Notes From Alaska; A Tribute to Doretta Klaber; Primrose Fever.
Vol.32,No.4: Fall 1974. No longer available.
Vol.33,No.1: Winter 1975. No longer available.
Vol.33,No.2: Spring 1975. No longer available.
Vol.33,No.3: Summer 1975. Down the Primrose Path; Candelabras – Gifts From Asia; Mississippi Experiences With Primroses; The Question of Dividing; Four Kinds of Flowers; Q & A; Trials & Tribulations.
Vol.33,No.4: Fall 1975. Down the Primrose Path; The Elizabethan Primroses; Your Primroses Need Fall Care; Lush Places; Experiences with Primroses; A New American Named Auricula; Auriculas – James Douglas.
Vol.34,No.1: Winter 1976. No longer available.
Vol.34,No.2: Spring 1976; 35th Anniversary. Down the Primrose Path;In the Beginning; The Auricula in America; Hybridizing For Doubles; I’m A Primrose Seed; Crisis in the Bug Control Business; Notes of Native American Primula; More P. intercedens.
Vol.34,No.3: Summer 1976. First Steps; Candelabra Primula Grouped For Growers.
Vol.34,No.4: Fall 1976. Winter Weather Watch; More on Auriculas; Rae Selling Berry; Experience with Primroses; More on Hose-in-Hose; A Tribute to Jack Ballard.
Vol.35,No.1: Winter 1977. Copper Jug Presentation; Letter from Mr and Mrs. E.H. Lohbrunner; Mrs. Berry’s Treasure Box of Pirmulas; Rae Berry – A Personal Vignette; Mrs. Berry in the Field; Past and Present; The Birds Eye Primroses.
Vol.35,No.2: Spring 1977. No longer available.
Vol.35,No.3: Summer 1977. No longer available.
Vol.35,No.4: Fall 1977. Garryards; P.legionensis; Spring Colour; Beginner’s Luck; Japanese primroses; Lee Campbell; Place to grow; Build soil; P.eugeniae; Old Doubles; Diary of a Primroser(CH); Q & A.
Vol.36,No.1: Winter 1978. No longer available.
Vol.36,No.2: Spring 1978. No longer available.
Vol.36,No.3: Summer 1978. Plant Breeding for fun; Labeling; P.secundiflora; Victoria Primroses; Auriculas; Auricula History; Auricula Perfection; Double auriculas; Garden/border auriculas; Q & A; Diary.
Vol.36,No.4: Fall 1978. No longer available.
Vol.37,No.1: Winter 1979. No longer available.
Vol.37,No.2: Spring 1979. Western primulas; Nevada primroses; P.angustifolia; Hunting P.cusickiana; Q&A(AB);Uniform plants(RB2); Seed Pellets; Growing Under Lights(MM); Diary of a Primroser(CH).
Vol.37,No.3: Summer 1979. Species garden; P. denticulata; Planting seeds; Florists’ flowers; Bygone age-saved; Warriner’s Wonder; Peter Klein; 1731 encyclopedia; Japanese primulas; Q&A(AHB); Nivales primulas(AHB);Diary(CH);Beginner’s Luck.
Vol.37,No.4: Fall 1979. Native Alaska primulas; Growing Alaska species; Flora of Alaska; Primroses in Lithuania; Abstracts; Diary(CH).

1980 to 2005 will be listed in the future.