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 Vol 79, Issue No. 4 (Autumn 2021)

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The View from Here by Jane Guild
Fox’s Thoughtful Gardening by Elizabeth Lawson
Primula Propagators by Bob Whitman
Life Long Love of Flowers by Anne Hogue
Notice from our Secretary
Another Primula Cousin by Jane Guild
Auriculas in a Painting Dated 1617-18 by Maedythe Martin
Pins + Thrums
Membership List
Minutes August 22, 2021
New Members
Officers of the Chapters

The View from Here


This Quarterly, Autumn 2021, marks my fifteenth year as Editor with the American Primrose Society. 15 years you ask? How did that happen? Well, it was my mother’s “fault”. Over the years, she has asked me to step in to help the APS on numerous occasions. In my teens, when she was the Editor for the Quarterly, I helped to mail it out. My mother is Maedythe Martin, who joined the APS when I was just a toddler. She has been invaluable in keeping the Quarterly full of interesting articles during my time as Editor.

During my time, I have seen the Quarterly itself change, literally—it used to be 6” x 9”. Over the years we’ve included more black and white photos in articles, we’ve had two columns (and now only one), and we’ve had various guest writers.

I’ve also seen the face of the APS change—somewhat. While our President has changed a handful of times, some of the supporting players have not. Our Membership Chair, Julia Haldorson, started on the APS Board as Treasurer/Membership in 2000. Jon Kawaguchi took over the Treasurer part of her position in 2007. That’s a combined 35 years of service. Add to that Michael Plumb, who started on the Board as Vice President in 2003, and then transitioned to the Secretary role in 2005. He held that position for another 14 years, until our current Secretary Dean Wiegert took over. Officers and Board member positions come up for election every two or three years, respectively. These people have volunteered time and again to stand for the position.

To that end, we need help from our members. We need more candidates for elected positions in the APS. Currently we are looking for willing nominees for President, Treasurer and three Director seats. The reality is that if the APS cannot fill these positions, the Society is in danger of shutting down. Please, if you have the inclination, read our Secretary’s article on page 11.

So, having spent almost a third of my life as Editor, I’d really like to see it continue on. We need help from our membership in order to see that happen. And if you happen to have something you’d like to see in the Quarterly, I’ll be here.