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 Vol 80, Issue No. 4 (Autumn 2022)

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The days shorten, temperatures drop compelling leaves to change to vibrant colors of red, yellow, and orange. Fall arrives, likewise, the time for the American Primrose Society seed exchange and nominations for Spring elections. Both are integral parts of our organization.

Collecting for the seed exchange is always on my “to do’ list.  Collecting various  Primula seeds and sorting into containers, I always think I will remember what each one holds.  Fog moves into my gray matter, names evaporate, and seeds return to my garden.  As a result, this year I am determined to evade my yearly guilt.  I have invested in organza bags, brown paper lunch sacks, and high-powered reading glasses.  The APS website has been “favorite” marked.  Printed pages are dog-eared, showing signs of wear.  Armed with wax paper and my trusty clear tape, I am taking on the challenge of donating to the seed exchange.

Seed collecting is well underway. The brown paper lunch sacks hold various seeds. I have placed organza bags over seed pods. Both types of containers are ready to catch exploding capsules. I have firsthand knowledge of the importance of taping edges having searched on my hands and knees for escaped seeds. I have learned why a microscope, unnecessary but helpful, can facilitate cleaning miniscule seeds like Primula alpicola and Primula vialii. This fall, my donations will arrive to be logged into the seed exchange. Resulting in my joining the ranks of those who can choose 30 packets instead of 20 at the end of December. Donations keep our seed exchange alive and give members an opportunity to collect interesting seeds from around the world that might not otherwise be available.

Likewise, those who serve on the Board of Directors help decide the direction of our organization. The APS Board of Directors is comprised of 4 officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) and 6 Directors. The officers serve 2-year terms and the directors 3-year terms. Four scheduled meetings are spaced throughout the year. The current board, located across North America, has opted to meet via Zoom. All Board of Directors are volunteer positions.

In this upcoming election cycle, the Vice President, Secretary and one director will be open for election. For those members who might be interested in standing for election, our secretary wrote an outstanding piece with how and where to find information on the different positions and what each entails. That information is in the 2021 Fall Quarterly Vol. 79-4 page 11. I know I have acquired valuable experiences by serving on the American Primrose Society board and have enjoyed “meeting” other members who have expanded my knowledge and interests in the genus Primula.