Rules for Exhibitors


RULES FOR EXHIBITORS at the 2012 American Primrose Society National Show In Portland Oregon, April 7 and 8


The show will be held at the Portland Expo Center. See their website for location and directions. The American Primrose Society show for 2012 is being held in conjunction and with the support of the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon Spring Plant Sale.

Entering plants for the show will take place on Friday, April 6 between 9 am and 3pm. Parking is free at the Expo Center on Friday. The show is in the big hall E2 and the closest parking is Upper Lot 4 and Upper Lot 3.

Please fill in an entry sheet with your name on the top, listing all the plants you are entering by Division and Class. A copy of the sheet is attached at the end of these instructions that you can print out. A list of the divisions and classes can be found on the APS website under “Showing Primula” and then look for “Show Classes, Rules and Awards”. Please note that plants are exhibited at the risk of the owners.

Each plant entered must be accompanied by an entry form, supplied at the show. Place your entry with its entry form on the show tables in the appropriate Division and Class. APS volunteers with be available to help you find the correct place. Please be sure your pots are clean and the plants have been watered prior to bringing them. Remove dead flowers and leaves before you arrive.

The following are the general rules that apply to all APS shows:

  1. All classes are open to any exhibitor. More than one first, second, or third place ribbon may be awarded in each class as per APS Show Rules.
  2. Trophy certificates will be given to all award winners.
  3. If any class does not have an exhibit considered worthy of a ribbon, none will be awarded.
  4. All plants must have been the property of the exhibitor for at least six months.
  5. All decisions of the judges are final.


  1. During judging, the hall will be closed.
  2. No one is allowed in the exhibit hall while judging is taking place, except for assigned judges, assistant judges and clerks.
  3. An exhibitor may enter any number of plants in all classes.
  4. All plants exhibited must be clearly marked with the name of the plant on cards supplied.
  5. Each entry must have an entry form, available at the hall, filled in appropriately.
  6. Each exhibitor will bring plants in his or her own clean containers, with plants groomed to show standards.
  7. Assistance in staging plants will be available at time of benching.
  8. Plants incorrectly staged will not be penalized, but may be moved by the Show Steward to the appropriate class on discovery of the mistake.

Show Management

  1. All exhibits are to be handled only by the exhibitor or the Show Steward and assistants. Exhibitors must not handle any other exhibitor’s plants. Ask for assistance of the Show Steward.
  2. All exhibits will be under the control of the Show Steward and assistants, and shall not be removed until the end of the show without the Show Steward’s consent.
  3. When the show has closed, all exhibitors are expected to remove their plants promptly at the end of the show.


  1. A novice is an exhibitor who has not won a blue ribbon in any previous APS show.
  2. Any novice must mark their entry form with an “N” in the top right corner of entry form to be eligible for novice prizes.


American Primrose Society National Show 2012 April 7 and 8, 2012

Entry Sheet



Name of Entrant:






Division and Class



Plant name

































































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