Cultivation and Propagation

Most gardeners eventually want to increase their stock of plants without the need to purchase more.  Growing Primula from seed will give you the greatest return for your efforts in terms of the number of plants.  If you are growing species Primula, or are just interested in numbers, you will probably let the insects do the work of pollinating your plants.  If you are hybridizing to develop a special strain of prize plants, you will ban the bees from your greenhouse and will carefully hand-pollinate your flowers. However, the new plants may still turn out to be very different from their parents or from what you expected.  To obtain plants identical to those you already have, you will need to propagate by dividing your treasures, or by using leaf or root cuttings.  Read on in this section for advice on all these methods.  And good luck with your efforts!


Care and Cultivation

Tips on Growing Primulas

Cultivation and Propagation:  Primula vulgaris

Growing Primula from Seed

Fall Division for Polyanthus Primroses

Leaf Cuttings for Asiatic Primroses

Primula which are Self-Fertile (ie, relatively easy to propagate)

Hand Pollination

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