Primulas of the Month: September

In some areas in early September you may see Primula vialii still blooming. It is one of the last Primula species to flower in the year.  It loves very moist soil.  Another name for it is the ‘Poker Primrose’.  You need more than one plant if you want to obtain seed from this plant, as it is almost completely self-sterile. Place a ‘pin’ plant with a ‘thrum’ plant.  It disappears almost completely from above ground over winter, for as long as half the year, so be careful not to disturb the resting buds! It comes originally from north-west Yunnan and south-west Sichuan in China, where it now seems to be very rare, but you can often buy it from non-specialty nurseries these days.



At this time of year, some spring-flowering Primula may enter a second bloom cycle.  This can happen with some of the common hybrids of Primula primula (previously termed ‘vernales’) and Primula auricula.   


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