Potting Mixes

Maedythe’s Primrose and Auricula Potting Mixes

(Maedythe Martin is President of the Vancouver, BC Group)


4 parts minerally soil (good garden soil would probably work)

4 parts sieved coir (coconut fibre)

2 parts perlite

This mix should retain moisture, but the perlite keeps air in the mix.

For “parts” I use a one gallon black plastic pot.



The mix is loosely based on a John Innes mix, not that we can get that here. So I make something approximating it.

3 parts minerally soil

3 parts coir, sieved

1 ½ parts course sand

¼ cup super phosphate

½ cup dolomite lime

For seedlings I use the above mix as the base and add:

1 part John Innes Mix

1 part coir, sieved

½ part perlite

For mature plants I make the following mix

4 parts John Innes Mix

1 part coir, sieved

2 parts course sand

½ bag commercial steer manure, sieved

3 tablespoons dried blood meal

1 cup dolomite lime

1 cup crushed charcoal

When I say sieved, I have a ½ inch big square screen, which I put the product through.