Care of the Auricula Carrot

From the Archives: Quarterly of the American Primrose Society, Volume 11, Summer 1953, page 18

Care of the Carrot – Mrs. Ben Torpen, Woodland Acres, Beaverton, Oregon

Now is the time when all Auricula lovers are concerned with repotting, and care of their plants for next year’s bloom.

The use of clean sterile posts is a prime requisite in repotting and cannot be stressed too often. Any simple household disinfectant may be used such as Purex or Clorox, and with the aid of a good brush or sponge the required number of pots may be cleaned and sterilized in record time.

At this time, the success of growing depends on what happens to the carrot or the root of the plant. Many times the carrot will thrust itself above the level of the old pot and must be cut off to fit into the new one. When this happens, do not hesitate to cut off the bottom portion in order to bring the plant down to the desired level in the new pot, being sure to sterilize the wound. Flowers of Sulphur or charcoal may be used. If there is any question of pests on the roots as dusting with some good insecticide is advisable after the roots have been thoroughly washed.

If there are offsets to be removed, take them off gently, being sure to sterilize both the carrot of the mother plant and the offset.

Offsets planted around the mother plant root more quickly. They may also be left on the carrot until they form roots of their own. This is the safest method for those who hesitate to take off unrooted offsets.

After the plants have been repotted in the mixture of your choice, water thoroughly, until the water runs from the drainage hole in the bottom of the pot. Drainage must be sharp always, and the care taken to insure this, plus cleanliness and good ventilation for the plants means a good healthy carrot and success in Auricula culture.