APS Candidate Bios

For Treasurer (2 years): Jon Kawaguchi

I have been the Treasurer of the APS since July 2007. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Plant Science specializing in Environmental Horticulture and a teaching credential from the University
of California, Davis. Postgraduate studies at California State University, Hayward specializing in accounting. I have worked in the horticulture and landscaping field and teaching horticulture.
My horticultural hobbies include primroses, daffodils, subtropical plants, succulents, dwarf conifers, and perennials.

For Director (3 years): Lucy Coles

Presently I am gardening in Hopkinton, MA, on a property that consists of four acres that are highlighted with wetlands. This will be my fifth spring here and my husband Jim and I have been carving out little gardens throughout the property. A Google search for deer and bunny resistant plants identified Primula as a perfect fit for our location. Although I have always adored Primula, this is my fifth winter to start them from seed and my second year to make my own crosses. I do not have a favorite type of Primula, but Double Primrose, Sieboldii and Juliana top my list. I have belonged to The American Primrose Society for two years and joined the National Auricula & Primrose Society, Midland & West Section in the fall.