2020 Amendment to the Constitution to allow online Annual Meetings

Proposed Revision to the Constitution of the American Primrose Society – 2020

Dear members of the American Primrose Society,

Our Constitution requires that the Society hold an Annual Meeting of members.  The current wording of the Constitution states that the Annual Meeting shall be held in the same vicinity as the National Primrose Show.  This was traditionally the place and time that many society members gathered.  The American Primrose Society is truly an international society with members from Canada to New Zealand. The present Board recognizes that the time may be right to amend the Constitution to allow the Annual Meeting be held online, rather than requiring it to be at the Annual Show.  To that end, the Board has agreed to a change in the wording of Article V of the Constitution regarding the Annual Meeting.

Here is the current wording of Article V of the Constitution with proposed changes underlined.


The annual meeting of the society shall be held during and in the same vicinity as the National Primrose Show, when possible. The local chapter or affiliated society sponsoring the show will be host to the national society for the annual meeting.  In the event this isn’t possible, the annual meeting of the society may be held online at a different specified time to be determined by the President.  Advance notice of a scheduled online Annual Meeting shall be posted on the society website. 

 Our Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the members.

Voting has now closed.