2020 Annual General Meeting Documents

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American Primrose Society
Board Meeting and AGM
To be held online at 6.00 pm EDT, Sunday May 17th, 2020


    1. Opening and Welcome to the Annual General Meeting (Elizabeth)
    2. Approval of Agenda
    3. Approval of the Minutes of AGM, May 26th, 2019
    4. Discussion of Annual Report from the Board
    5. Results of the Spring Election and introduction of the new Director. (Dean)
    6. Conclusion of the Annual General Meeting.
    7. Approval of the Minutes of February 16th, 2020
    8. Treasurer’s Report – 1st Quarter 2020
    9. Business Arising from the Minutes of February 17th, 2020
      1. Update on Changes to the Constitution to incorporate online AGM (Dean Wiegert)
      2. Update on Plan to bring more advertisers to the quarterly (Elizabeth)
      3. Update on Addition of links to website (botanic gardens, etc.) (Amy’s post on FB)
      4. Update on “virtual” National Show (Jane)
    10. Committee Reports
      1. Membership (Julia)
      2. Website (Jon/ Jane)
      3. Editorial (Jane/Maedythe)
      4. Seed Exchange (Amy)
    11. Chapter Reports
      1. Juneau
      2. New England
      3. BC Primula Group
    12. New Business
      1. Merrill Jensen’s Request for decision regarding APS as possible Primrose ICRA.
      2. Jay Lunn’s suggestion to add email addresses to Member list in quarterly. (Dean)
      3. Search for an Oregon member to take over the society registration duties from the Lunns. (Dean)
      4. APS email “newsletter”. Discussion about the possibility of email from board to members to update and engage members between the quarterly mailings.  (Dean)
    13. Date of next meeting
    14. Adjournment
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Annual Report of Board: Summary Statements

Elizabeth Lawson (President)

I have undertaken the task of casting a net for more advertisers for the quarterly. So far, I have solicited Digging Dog Nursery, Wrightman’s Alpines, Stonecrop Gardens, Evermay Nursery, Pops Plants, Munchkin Nursery, Edelweiss Perennials, Fritz Creek Gardens, Mt. Tahoma Gardens, Carolyn’s Shade Gardens, Far Reaches Farm, Avant Gardens, and Sun Farm (West VA, Barry Glick). Suggestions that I have received and will follow up on are these nurseries in CT–O’Brien Nurseryman in Granby, Oliver’s Nursery in Fairfield, Broken Arrow Nursery in Hamden, Sunny Border Nursery in Berlin, and Pride’s Corners; Ward’s in MA, and Van Berkum in NH. Unfortunately, Sunny Border seems to be out of business. They used to carry a wide selection of primroses. It may be that advertising in a small print publication is not attractive to the great majority of nurseries, who let their websites do the advertising for them, but we need to find that out for sure before we stop casting the net.

Dean Wiegert (Secretary)

Our Constitution requires that the Society hold an Annual Meeting of members. The current wording of the Constitution states that the Annual Meeting shall be held in the same vicinity as the National Primrose Show. This was traditionally the place and time that many society members gathered. The American Primrose Society is truly an international society with members from Canada to New Zealand. The present Board recognizes that the time may be right to amend the Constitution to allow the Annual Meeting to be held online, rather than requiring it to be at the Annual Show. To that end, the Board has agreed to a change in the wording of Article V of the Constitution regarding the Annual Meeting.

Here is the current wording of Article V of the Constitution with proposed changes underlined:

The annual meeting of the society shall be held during and in the same vicinity as the National Primrose Show, when possible. The local chapter or affiliated society sponsoring the show will be host to the national society for the annual meeting. In the event this is not possible, the annual meeting of the society may be held online at a different specified time to be determined by the President. Advance notice of a scheduled online Annual Meeting shall be posted on the society website.

Our Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the members. Please review the Board-approved change above and submit your vote. You may vote on the website or you may copy the ballot as printed and return to the Secretary, Dean Wiegert, 3708 E Norport Dr, Port Washington, WI 53074, USA.

Jon Kawaguchi (Treasurer and Webmaster)

Budget: The Final Budget 2019 was Revenue totals of $7,631.71 and Expense totals of $7,312.45 with net earnings of $319.45. It appears that the 2020 budget could be similar to 2019 budget since the 2020 National Show was cancelled and there appears to be a reduction in expenses for the publication of the Quarterly with the printing company taking over the mailing of the Quarterly beginning in fall 2019.

Website: Jane Guild (IT person) has been instructing me on how to do to tasks on the website. Her instructions are easy to follow. We are in the process of stream lining things on the website to eliminate duplicate steps so changes can be done with the least amount of time; using the membership listing on the website as the master membership listing allowing the Treasurer, Membership Chairperson, Editor, Webmaster, Seed Exchange Chairperson, and IT person access to the list instead of having multiple membership lists; added “easy to see” buttons for donations, renew, and Join Us on the front page. These are just a few examples of things we have, and hope will be done with the website. Since all the APS shows have been cancelled, the 2020 Spring Exhibition was set up by Jane and the exhibition is now open for photographic entries.

Jane Guild (Editorial and Website)

Jon Kawaguchi is taking over more actions on the APS website. Recent projects include getting the 2020 Spring Exhibition up and running (https://americanprimrosesociety.org/2020-spring-exhibition/), getting the online voting for the proposed changes to the Constitution up and running (https://americanprimrosesociety.org/2020-amendment/), and setting up a portal page for members to access the chat for the online AGM (almost online). In the background, we are working as syncing our old and new membership systems to be prepared for the coming membership renewal season.

Maedythe Martin (Editorial)

The quarterly was completed with all four issues for 2019. The printer is working out quite well, as we had to ask them to not only print the issue but mail it as well. The winter issue, the first for 2020 was a bit late, as is the spring issue, but Jane and I are doing the best we can in light of our personal loss late last year, which has knocked us both off track.

Julia Haldorson (Membership)

Total membership figures were 209 as of 5/21/19), 221 as of 8/12/19, 199 as of 2/6/2020, and 220 as of 5/9/2020. Thus, membership is up somewhat from a year ago.

Amy Olmsted (Seed Exchange)

The results are similar to last year. The treasurer will report final figures in full, but details of the most recent seed exchange can be found on p. 28 of the Spring 2020 Quarterly.


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